Take Action for the World’s Girls and Children

2023 is a year of unprecedented hunger in the worst Global Hunger Crisis in modern history.

World class Musicians, Visionary Leaders and Activists join together in a multi-country benefit concert to spark a global digital music festival to open the heart of humanity to care for the world’s girls and children. Be a part of this heartfelt global cultural movement which will bring our human family together to stand up for the world’s girls and children.

The Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign offers innovative globe-spanning philanthropy. All Charities can use our branding, platform and campaigns to help raise urgently needed funding for food, health and education. Funds raised directly will benefit Feed America, WFP, UNICEF & Girls and Children’s Funds. TBD. A riveting Hollywood Telethon will inspire us to give boldly and generously.

We are in the biggest global food crisis for children in our 75-year history” – UNICEF.

We are at a critical crossroads as a human familyWe invite the World’s Talent, leading digital Music Players, Corporate Leaders, Technology, Media and Entertainment companies and NGOs to join a united global effort to help save lives and the very future course of history for the world’s girls and children.

World Girls Day Live is the first-of-its-kind Global Digital Music Festival that will use the power of music, celebrity and technology to galvanize the world to lend a helping hand. Will you join us in answering the call?


This is our moon-shot moment as a human family. The power of music will bring the world together in a global campfire to show we care and to share our common humanity, something we need desperately now. It is our most sacred responsibility to save the children. To be fierce defenders for the future of our children, of all of our children. The World Food Programme urges everyone to step up to respond to this catastrophic global humanitarian and world hunger crisis.

This unprecedented global social networking bonanza will give people, music and celebrity talent, brands and storytellers, new opportunities across digital, mobile and social platforms to make their mark in exciting new ‘disruptive’ ways to take social activism to a new level.

A Ceremony will commemorate the founding of International Girl’s Day by the UN and Canada and call on the UN MEMBER NATIONS to support girls’ and children’s rights. The call to action to world leaders and the private sector is to commit to a united global effort to increase urgently needed resources for hungry children and their families for basic support which means food, water, health and education. If not now, when? Let’s seize this moment. Help champion, educate and empower girls and children worldwide or there will be a tragic setback for generations. We cannot allow this to happen.


The time for inspired leadership and collective action is now as we look to emerge from the largest Global Hunger Crisis and disruption of education in world history. Working together is our only great hope.

Spectacular performers at a concert stage on Washington Mall, Washington D.C. will showcase a united call for social justice, equality and freedom. Legendary speakers will give a moving tribute to the power of women and young women as the great defenders of democracy.

World Girls Day Live will inspire and electrify the world audience with a new vision of hope for the future, to make the ‘impossible dream possible’.


A Powerful Roadmap for Systemic Change

We will continue to Mobilize the Heart in Action Global Humanitarian Campaign worldwide to Champion the Cause of Girls, children and women to Women’s Day Live, a live multi-country Benefit Concert to broadcast worldwide on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2023, when we will launch a bold Global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative. Women’s Day Live Benefit Concert.

This is an absolutely revolutionary moment, with a transformational opportunity, to harness the power of music, global media and technology to open the heart of humanity to care for the world’s women and children.

This is a defining moment for our human family.

When Women and Girls Succeed the World Prospers.

Canada lights up its buildings in cities across the country in pink on International Girl’s Day to celebrate the world’s girls. This day is celebrated on October 11th every year, which we’ll do annually in the future. Right now, global influencers can help light up the world for the ‘girl child’ and give voice to girls and youth across global social media platforms.

Over 350 million people worldwide are suffering from hunger and starvation in this catastrophic Global Humanitarian Crisis. Fifty million are on the verge of famine. Tens of millions of people and children are experiencing hunger in America. COVID has had a particularly devastating impact on African Americans and Latinos. The transformative impact of the pandemic recovery shows that if every girl received 12 years of education, the global economy would be boosted by $30 trillion Dollars. One small example urgent need.


Champion the World’s Girls and Children

We stand poised at this pivotal moment in history with a once in a lifetime opportunity to energize and unite people around the world in an ambitious global effort to invest in Girl’s rights and freedom, gender equality, Girl’s Education and Food Security as tens of millions of girls have been forced to drop out of school and have been pushed into poverty.

Help light up the world for girls and children so they can live lives worthy of their dreams. We have the power to change the future course of history for humanity.

"We are at a critical tipping point in our human history. We all need to call on our courage to be fierce defenders of the pillars of democracy and freedom.” - Lili Fournier, Founder


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